Love to Help People and Passionate about Technology & Communication!

At ProTech Write & Edit Inc. we have all the essential leadership, management, and technical skills to meet your documentation needs. We are experts in end-user documentation.

Our team has a combined 20+ years of knowledge transfer and information development experience in the software and information technology industries. Designing and developing content for a wide variety of audiences – system administrators, programmers, engineers, end-users.

We work with clients to transform knowledge into high-quality, accurate and useful documents that:

  • Promote safety and information security
  • Establish standard best practices
  • Enable you to achieve business initiatives and goals faster
  • Is customized for your target audience
  • Improve the customer experience
  • Reduce support calls, emails, and chat
  • Is easy to understand and use

We would like to do the same for you.

Our team of technical writers and editors provides a variety of technical documentation management solutions, making access to effective documentation easy and affordable.

Our network spans the globe. We write for a wide range of industries, audiences, platforms, and clients.

We have an exceptional ability to work with multiple clients in various locations across the world, including Canada, USA, India, Brazil, Caribbean, Israel, Egypt, Australia.

Don’t let poor instructions damage your brand!

Don’t let your customers struggle with inaccurate information!

Are you finding it hard to keep up with constant documentation changes in addition to all of your other tasks?

Spending long hours documenting your procedures and processes?

Don’t overburden your team, hire experts to handle your documentation changes so that your team can focus on what they do best.

Are your documents on different platforms – servers, desktops & hard drives – or multiple formats (Word, Excel, PDF) – We Centralize and Standardize ALL Your Documentation!

Are you relying on the memories of your employees to train new recruits and keep your process running? (business continuity)

Do you want to know how to improve your documentation WITHOUT adding additional staff?

Talk to us about ALL your documentation needs. Across platforms and devices

Relax and let us handle ALL your DOCUMENTATION needs!!!

Outsource your documentation department to us. Make access to documentation easy and convenient.

We will manage all your documentation needs so that you can get back to doing the things you love  best – growing your company.

We simplify and customize every single piece of complex content to fit your individual needs.

Well written, clear, concise, easy-to-follow and effective end-user documentation will increase customer engagement!

If you want your end-users and employees to have the best experience with your product or service, you need useful content.

I’m Veronica, President of ProTech Write and Edit Inc. I will be your collaborated partner and trusted advisor.

Looking forward to working with you in achieving all your documentation initiatives.

To your success,


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