Love to Help People and Passionate about Technology and Communication!

Hi, I’m Veronica, a uniquely qualified industry professional.

Veronica 1

I am excited to help innovative information technology companies, like yours, translate highly complex information into professional documents, highly visible web content and training videos.

I have a passion for improving the user experience and finding business solutions to tough challenges.

My promise to you:

  • Professional documents
  • Exceptional digital communication
  • Quick turnaround on projects (Saving you money, time and space)
  • Loyalty and dedication (I meet deadlines by any means necessary)

A  bit of background history
I was born and raised on the exotic, exquisitely beautiful Caribbean island of Grenada.

In 1992, I came to Canada as an international student to study Computer Programming and Systems Analysis at Humber College.

Although I had traveled throughout the Caribbean and lived on a few islands, I was nervous to move to Canada – a brand new country where I knew no one. Thankfully, the Humber College community and others welcomed me with open arms.

Before I graduated, I got a very good job offer from the Hudson’s Bay Company. I worked with HBC for over 9 years in two major roles; Help Desk Supervisor and Computer Programmer.

Since then, I’ve worked for other major companies, across many industries, and on multiple platforms. (EricssonBuchanan TechnologiesCIBC etc.)


On a personal note, when I first came to Canada as an international student, I was hell-bent on going back home as soon as I finished my studies. (Cold .. burrrrrrrr) Hummmm… didn’t quite happen that way.

That job offer from the Hudson’s Bay Company turned out to be an offer too good to pass up. My friends said I would be crazy to turn down such a great offer. You see, at the time, Canada was going through one of its worst recessions.

Long story short, I accepted the offer, got married and started a family.

Twenty plus years later I am still here. Loll

Canada has become my home away from home, and Canada has been very good to me.

Daily, you can find me working from my home office with remote clients in the following countries, CanadaUSABrazil, and India.

With 20 years of diverse information technology experience, my portfolio is unique.

Do you need a technical writer for your project?

Looking for editors who understand technology?

Are you being audited soon?

Do you need compelling sales copy to promote your brand?


I am a highly motivated self-starter with 20 years diverse information technology success, that includes technical writing, editing, web publishing, computer programming, technical support, analysis and help desk leadership.


Track record of delivering the highest quality service to clients across a wide range of industries, including telecommunications, banking, education, software, and retail.

Looking for an opportunity to add value to your company the way I have done for HBCEricssonBuchanan Technologies and CIBC.

I appreciate your consideration and look forward to working with you.


To your success,





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