Love to help people and passionate about Technology & Communication!

Our mission isn’t just to write; it’s to use AI-powered solutions to bridge the gap between your innovation and your audience’s comprehension.

Based in Toronto, Canada, ProTech Write & Edit Inc. is a team of documentation experts, thought leaders, and knowledge transfer professionals with global reach.

Our team has a combined 20+ years of knowledge transfer and information development experience in the software and information technology industries.

Designing and developing content for a wide variety of audiences – system administrators, programmers, engineers, and end-users.

You’ve crafted the technology; let us craft its story.

Together, we’ll ensure your audience doesn’t just use your software – they understand it, value it, and champion it.

At ProTech Write & Edit Inc., we have all the essential leadership, management, and technical skills to meet your technical documentation and process needs.

We work with highly technical information and complex subjects.

We highly value professionalism and hold ourselves strictly accountable to represent your brand.

I’m a trusted partner for startups, scale-ups, and enterprises

If you do not have the tools, expertise, or resources to complete a project on time and within budget, I can help.

On any given day, you’ll find us working closely with our clients, engaging with prospective partners, facilitating workshops, crafting insightful non-fiction blogs, and developing comprehensive frameworks, templates, and guides.

People loving my work

“I just wanted to take a moment and provide some feedback on Veronica. I’ve worked with her on several efforts over the last few months. 

Regardless of the time of day or the effort being worked, she is professional, knowledgeable, and inclusive.

Veronica creates clear, concise documents and actions. She is easy to laugh, and this makes what can be a long-drawn-out activity enjoyable. She brings out the best in the people she is tasked to work with.

It is such a pleasure to work with someone who is so all-around talented.  We are lucky to have engaged her”.

Lisa McLaughlin
Customer Success Director at AVAYA, USA

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Thank you so much, Veronica! I really appreciate your help. Truly glad that we have found you!

Sofia Zakharchenko
Marketing & Event Manager at CloudMade
Kiev, Ukraine

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Veronica is an exceptional documentation and flow designer. Her meticulous attention to detail and ability to communicate complex concepts in a clear and concise manner makes her an invaluable asset to any team. She consistently delivers high-quality work and is a pleasure to collaborate with.”

Kathryn Hodges, Program and Project Manager | Change Manager | Incident Manager at AVAYAUSA

Rating: 5 out of 5.

We understand that groundbreaking technology alone doesn’t always speak for itself

Behind every powerful software and IT solution, there’s a need for clear, compelling communication to ensure that users truly grasp its potential.

Clients come to us not just seeking documentation and process aligment, but a transformation in how they communicate. They’re looking for:

  1. Clarity – To Be Understood: Technology can be complex, but explaining it shouldn’t be. We translate intricate concepts into easily understandable content.
  2. Engagement: Today’s software users need more than just manuals. They need content that captures attention and fosters interaction. It’s not enough to just get by with standard documentation. It’s the story that matters, the conversation that lingers.
  3. Trust – Building a Foundation of Trust: With two decades in the IT and Software domain, we comprehend the nuances and specifics of this industry. We ensure your product is represented with accuracy and authority.
  4. Efficiency – Keeping Things Moving: Time is of the essence in the SaaS world. We deliver precise, impactful content swiftly, aligning with your go-to-market strategies. Swift, on-point, and ready to roll!

Working with Veronica was an exceptional experience. She over delivered in many ways. She created magnificent technical documents for our website, and her communication was always punctual and professional. She improved our documents by adding additional value with content from her knowledge base and expertise. We would not have been able to create such outstanding documents on our own if it was not for her valuable insight and input. Veronica will now be our technical writer for all future projects, and if you get the opportunity to work with her, I highly recommend it! You will not be disappointed. Thank you, Veronica – it was a pleasure working with you, and I look forward to working with you again! 

Michelle Victory 
CEO, Gardina.com 
Vancouver, Canada 

Veronica Phillip has been instrumental in leading the capture and documentation of complex technical processes at Avaya. 

During working sessions, Veronica has effectively engaged Subject Matter Experts and Business Owners to ensure that processes captured are correct and approved by the business organizations. 

Her skills at engagement have extended beyond the time brackets of a given project creating a spirit of partnership between the Process Team and other teams involved in the process capture initiative. 

Christine Bovaird 
Process Designer at Innovatia 

Excellent work; many thanks for your help, Veronica! I hope we can do more work in the future.

Tony Leigh
Topa Technologies (UK) Ltd.
London, England

I’m Veronica, Founder and President of ProTech Write and Edit Inc. I will be your collaborative partner and trusted advisor.

Looking forward to working with you.

To your success,