What is Technical Writing?


A technical writer does technical writing.

Technical writers,  (also known as Technical Communicators), are in high demand for their:

                         Technical skills

                         Creativity and an

                         Uncanny ability to break down high-level complex ideas and processes into simple language that anyone can understand.

Technical writing is😊:

  • Highly complex ideas written in a way that anyone can read and understand
  • Clear, concise, easy-to-follow and effective information, tailored for a specific audience
  • Flexible and convenient access to documentation
  • High-quality, accurate content that is easy to understand and use
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Had I not!

Sharing this as it resonates with me!

The Sun Shineth again!

I seldom lose things, and the rare times that I do, I tend to find them easily by simply retracing my steps.

But this time, that wasn’t the case. I recently came back from a holiday visit, and upon my arrival my beloved bus pass has gone missing. I searched the same place three times as if it was going to miraculously reappear. I returned to my suit bag where I was 110% certain I left it: nothing. Every time I retraced my steps, it led me back to the same location; nothing still. Feeling a bit dismayed, I searched other places, and still nothing.

After the third time of searching, I decided to give it a rest. Moreover, I wasn’t going anywhere that required a bus pass. The next day, I searched again with less intensity, little-to-no worry, and more passively. After searching once, I accepted my fate that…

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