What is Technical Writing?


A technical writer does technical writing.

Technical writers,  (also known as Technical Communicators), are in high demand for their:

                         Technical skills

                         Creativity and an

                         Uncanny ability to break down high-level complex ideas and processes into simple language that anyone can understand.

Technical writing is😊:

  • Highly complex ideas written in a way that anyone can read and understand
  • Clear, concise, easy-to-follow and effective information, tailored for a specific audience
  • Flexible and convenient access to documentation
  • High-quality, accurate content that is easy to understand and use
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  • Researching | Organizing | Designing | Writing | Reviewing | Publishing complex content made easy!
  • A strong procedural playbook that helps reduce support calls, emails, and chat
  • An Online Help system that actually HELPS your customers solve problems
  • Content strategies that protect your brand identity and promote brand awareness
  • Useful information that engages customers and provides them with what they need
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  • Content that builds strong customer loyalty and grows your business
  • Designing and delivering a compelling presentation
  • Creating a high-traffic website
  • Simplifying and customizing every single piece of complex content to fit your individual client needs


Author: veronicaaphillip

I am a Certified Sr. Technical Writer and Editor for Information Technology Companies

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